Is it that hard?

Is it really that hard to function as an adult? Don’t get me wrong, I have days when I want to drink beer in a pillow fort, but I still contribute to society. It’s not even a big deal *surprise*! Some days I even enjoy it, I mean it’s really not that bad! Yet there are those people who strive for mediocrity. How is that even a thing? Why would you not want to meet your potential? I’m not saying you would be a neurosurgeon, but maybe you are the best damn cashier in your department. I don’t think we should judge people by the job they do, but by how well they do their job. Why do you not take pride in what you do? Instead you complain about life and piss around what time you have. If you have an issue with the way things are headed, then get off you ass and change it! Not a hard concept for most people. Yet there you sit on your lazy haunches bringing dumb into my life on a regular basis. An example of dumb: “We are getting a <insert any fast food restaurant chain here>.” Subject then waits for a response with a blank stare. Um… cool story bro? Are you kidding me? This is conversation? You didn’t even start with: “hi” or even “how is your day going?”. Nope, just right into the menial drivel about some f**cking restaurant. Do you really have nothing else to contribute?? Are you that hard up for human interaction that you walk around making statements in hopes that someone will feel sorry your pathetic existence and try and create some semblance of conversation? Dude… I mean come on!

This person is on my list of everyday interactions. It is a sad shell of a man. I don’t mean to pick on the guy; however easy it may be. He’s just a big can of dumb that’s always around. Flapping its mediocre lid, making its life sound far more justifiable than it really is.

Then there are the interactions you have with the passing people. As in people that pass through your life, leave their dumbness at your feet and retreat back into their own space of the world. The best place to come across these people are shopping centres: Walmart and/or malls. These are the people that don’t cross the road when you stop for them, they continue walking down the sidewalk and then as you move forward decide… “HEY… I would like to cross now!” and you get the dumbass stare. Or those who decide to walk out through the entrance. Really? You give me that look because you think I’m in your way?? Just read the sign dummy!

So in short, ironically after a long rant, these people are everywhere. They come at us with unassuming faces and useless factoids. They strive to be nothing more than what they are. They barely contribute anything to the overall growth and advancement of society. Yet they are the first to complain; mostly because they don’t understand what is going on. Our day to day is surrounded by these people and for the most part we tolerate. However, there are those moments when even the most reserved individuals snap; I mean you can only handle so much stupid!